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Our Portfolio of Companies

Our activities are multiple and in different fields. The system in force in our country does not mind practicing trade in all its fields, provided that we obtain the necessary license to practice the activity. Our activities are concentrated in various fields in the pure commercial and investment work that are not found in the current companies and factories and can be classified into three activities as next one. 

Apart from Renewable Energy Sector; Falak has 5 separate divisions in International Joint Ventures for Project Finance/Investments, Industry Manufacturing, General Construction, Commodities Trading (Oil & Gas / Grains / Gold) & Private Equity. It has Joint Ventures with Prominent Companies such as Unit Group Turkey headed Businessman Ünal Aysal; which includes target acquisitions for power plants and vessels in Turkey.

Falak is part of Alwasail Industrial Co Group, Alwasail is the leading manufacturers of polyethylene pipes & fittings mainly for irrigation, telecom, drinking water, firefighting networks and gas and oil transport systems in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia founded in 1979 by the Almushaigeh Family.  It’s multinational clients such as Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian National Water Company, SABIC, Samsung & Saudi Electricity Company. Alwasail has 550 employees, 25 branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including four branches in the Gulf States such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Egypt. Its currently market capital is 550 million SR with annual Revenue of 387 Million SAR and Net Income of 32.3 Million SR in 2022. Alwasail recently signed contract worth  $80 Million USD with SABIC (owned by Saudi Aramco), which is approximately 60,000 tonnes of raw materials.

We have acquired Shawcor Middle East Limited, a manufacturer of non-metallic products for the oil and gas industry.

Shawcor owns a large 45,000 square meter production facility in the 2nd industrial city in Dammam, Saudi Arabia that will help us grow locally and serve more customers.

Shawcor Ltd. is an energy and infrastructure technology company. The Company specializes in product, services, and solutions utilized in oil and gas, water and wastewater, fuel, transportation, and industrial applications, as well as designs, builds, protects, and manages critical assets. Shawcor current market capital is valued at $1.4 billion CAD (1 Billion USD) and annual revenue of 1.143 billion CAD ( in 2022 with gross profit of 364.7Million CAD. 


  1. High Density Polyethylene Pipes Producers Rubber Products Producers

  2. Solar Installation, Engineering and Service

  3. Solar Panels and Inverters Manufacturing and Trading 

  4. Construction

  5. Real Restate Development

  6. Food Stuffs Industrial

  7. Agriculture Fertilisers Electricity Materials

  8. Petro Chemical Materials Equipment and Spare parts

  9. Building Materials Plastics

  10. Hospitals & Heathcare Education / Universities

  11. Publication

  12. Oil and Gas Refinery

  13. Gold Mining & Trading Medical and Lab

  14. Private Equity / Finance

  15. Engineering, Procurement and Contracting 

  16. Commodities Trading 













Our Geographical Presence

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates






South Korea 



1. LARGE REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ; Buraidah, Bahrah, Riyadh such as Industrial Parks, Buildings, Mosques, Residential Real Estate & Land (agriculture and residential), Egypt, UAE, Ghana and Sudan. 

2. Industrial Manufacturing Plants (Rubber and Pipeline Production) - biggest in Middle East. 

3. Petroleum Refinery Project; Accra Ghana; valued at $5billion USD producing crude refined products 150,000 barrels per day.  

4. Gold Mining Concession: Sudan & Ghana 

5. Real Estate Development: Istanbul Turkey 

6. Agriculture  (Saudi Arabia)

7. Construction & Real estate Development: Qassim Development and Construction Co & FALAK trading for contracting 

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Our Top Portfolio of companies

Diversified Portfolio with Net Equity Value of $5.8 Billion USD

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Our Clients and Partners

Include State Owned Saudi Arabian Companies and Multi national companies

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