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Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Mushaigeh

"In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful
Upholding the ties of kinship is one of the best acts of worship to God Almighty, and it has many benefits that benefit its owner in this world and the hereafter.
The family of Al-Mushaqih is known for its cohesion, love, and affection, and it has provided great services to this country since the era of the founder, King Abdul Aziz, may God rest his soul in peace, and under his banner in the unification of this blessed country, and at this time the giving is still continuing - praise be to God.
Every member of the family performs a message and service to his country, society and his family. The imam of the mosque in his mosque, the teacher in his school, the employee in his job, the merchant in his shop, in charitable work and in all areas of life, and in the group of production and achievements completes the picture, which is a bright and honorable picture in the service of society. , Which contributes to contributing to building the nation and advancing it, and our family in general deserves to write down its exploits and the historical works witnessed by the Al-Mushaqih family.
The march continues without stopping by recording the positive achievements and good qualities of the men of the family. There is no doubt that modern technologies have facilitated these tasks to deliver information and exchange opinions and advice between family members, who are in faraway places and cities. Showcasing their scientific, cultural and commercial activities and their ancient and modern achievements and documenting them while adhering to privacy.
From this point of view, then the launch of this electronic platform (the Al-Mushaqih family website) for family communication, which was designated for the sons and daughters of the family to facilitate communication between relatives, and an electronic blog for acquaintance between family members inside and outside the Kingdom, as well as the ease of obtaining information and providing researchers, scholars and media professionals with the information that is required to be written down and appropriate to be published. Accurately and quickly, and in order to preserve friendliness and sustainability, no information, material or document that has nothing to do with the family will be published.
May God grant you success for all that is good, and
may God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon "


Born in 1954 in Buraidah Al Qassim Saudi Arabia, and son of Influential Saudi Businessman and King Ibn Saud's supporter/advocator the Late Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Mushaigeh Sheikh Nasser is one of the most prominent Saudi businessmen and intellectuals, known for being Founder and Board Member of the Saudi Listed Co; Al -Wasail Industrial Company, which is the largest Polyethylene pipe production company in the Middle East & Saudi Rubber Products Factory; the leading Rubber Factory in Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Nasser has over 50 years Business Experience and the source of his Personal Fortune is due to involvement diversified sectors with ownership in large Saudi & UAE companies in fields of Construction, Real Estate Development, Petroleum Refining, Precious Metals Trading, Mining, Food Stuff, Agriculture Imports/exports, Private Equity, Healthcare & Education. Sheikh Nasser is also active in North Africa and Africa markets such as Egypt, Sudan and Ghana.

Sheikh Nasser holds intangible relationships, partnerships with most influential family's & Individuals in Saudi Arabia and UAE from Royal Family Members, Religious Leaders to Politicians.

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Birth: 1945 (currently
Saudi Arabia, Qassim, Buraydah

Married with 5 Children

Sheikh Abdulrahman is Son of Influential Saudi Businessman and King Ibn Saud's supporter/advocator the Late Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Mushaigeh

Known for being one of the Most Prominent & Famous Businessman & Islamic Scholars in Saudi Arabia.

Co-Founder & Chairman of Al Wasail Industrial & Saudi Rubber Products Factory with his four brothers Sheikh Nasser, Sheikh Saleh, Sheikh Abdul Kader & Sheikh Abdulaziz

Previous Positions Held:
Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Qassim Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Industrial City in Qassim Member of the Board of Directors of Saudi Arabian Airlines
Member of the Executive Committee of the Council of Saudi Chambers

Director of the Agricultural Technical Institute in Buraidah

Awards: won numerous awards with Ministry of Culture KSA (2012), & Degree of excellence award for Media Pioneers and arab community action in 2014.

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