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Our Legacy
Falak Group's Saudi Arabian family shareholders
The Almushaigeh Family Tribe  

The Almushaigeh Family is a prominent Agriculture Commerce Tribe -family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the last 170 years. The Family was not only known for their financial wealth but are wonderful examples of morals, science, performance, good dealings, serving loyalty their religion of islam and their country which has always been of interest to historians, writers and authors. It Is one of the largest & famous families in Saudi Arabia in particular Al Qassim.


In 1849, The Al Mushaigeh Family from Buraidah Al-Qassim KSA started Agriculture Business; which thrived and was the wealthiest family in Nejid Kingdom (pre Saudi Arabia). In 1932 the Late Sheikh Hamoud bin Abdullaziz Almushaigeh, his father and brothers Sheikh Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Almushaigeh advocated/supported the Late King Abdulaziz Al Saud (Founder of Saudi) in the Unification & founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian historians have noted their significant contribution Founding / Unification of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In 1979 Sheikh Nasser Al Mushaigeh and his brothers Sheikh Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mushaigeh, Sheikh Saleh Al Mushaigeh, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Mushaigeh & Sheikh Abdulkader AlMushaigeh founded AlWasail Industrial Co, which now is leading manufacturers of polyethylene pipes in the Middle East; which become listed co in Saudi stock exchange (Tadawal) 2021, with the Family remaining in majority owernship. In 1997 the Al Mushaigeh family founded Saudi Rubber Products Factory which is the leading Rubber Factory in Saudi Arabia.

Pictured Below is the Late Sheikh Hamoud bin Abdullaziz Almushaigeh with Late King Fahed & Late  King Abdullah, King Salman, Late Crown Prince Sultan, Prince Nayef and Prince Murqin visiting Almushaigeh Palace in Qassim in 1980. 

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The Family is one of only two families in Qassim to have Districts name after them, namely the Al Mushaigeh District in Buraidah Al Qassim given by the late King Saud bin Abdullaziz Al Saud over 60 years ago aswell. The family’s ancient palace (now a heritage site) still stands today in North Buriadah Al Qassim. The Almushaigeh also has a Mosque called Al Mushayqah Grand Mosque in Buraidah Al Qassim; which Is occupied today.

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Our Strategic
Relations with 
House of Saud 

Due to the Ancestors of Almushaigeh Family supporting Ibn Saud- for Unification of Saudi Arabia; the tribe has mantained intangible historical relations with House of Saud for the past 110 years+.   

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Fund Name: Abdulaziz Hammoud Al-Mashaqih Family Fund
Fund system: The executive regulations system for civil associations and institutions licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
und registration
License number (10160) according to the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development No. 229874 dated 12/26/1442 AH

The fund aims, without being one of its purposes to obtain financial profit, to achieve the following
1- Strengthening the kinship.
2- Fixing the eye.

3 - Cooperation in righteousness and piety.
4 - Contribute to organizing aspects of charity among family members.
5 - Spread the spirit of solidarity and compassion among family members.

Fund addressQassim / Buraidah - Al-Hazm neighborhood Contact with the fund - mobile number0555144160


Fund Name: Abdulaziz Hammoud Al-Mashaqih Family Fund

Board of Trustee of Family Fund:



Sheikh Nasser Abdullah AlMushaigeh, Sheikh ibrahim Hamoud Almushiageh, Abu Wahid Ali Al Saleh Almushaigeh, Khalid bin Suleiman Almushiageh, Saleh Bin Suleman Almushaigeh, Ziyad bin Abdulkarim Almushaigeh, Abdel bin Abdulkaim Bin Saleh Almushaigeh, Saleh bin mohamed alsaleh al Abd Al Rahman Almushaigeh, Suleiman bin Ahmed Al Mohamed Almushiageh, Yunis Bin Ahmed Al Abdullah Al Mushaigeh.

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On the other side, there are countries that work to enact new laws in investment to attract and attract foreign investors to create a new environment for the economy in their countries to catch up or to improve their economic situation and create opportunities for work and this is what we see today in reality until countries are competing in the money that they earn to invest foreign capital To the material, technical and scientific capabilities on which various industries depend. Based on the foregoing, we say with confidence that our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thanks to God, has overlooked these matters
and sent them from the beginning, so long strategic plans were put in place to advance. 






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