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Our Executed Projects.
Our Completed Executed Projects for Saudi Government Clients & Multinationals in Scope of  EPC Works include: 

1.Client: Alwatania Company: Detailing and installing a connection with a diameter

of 1500mm for the treatment tanks


2. Client: NEOM: Participation with the industrial means of NEOM



3. Client: King Abdullah Park: Participation in the implementation of the irrigation

network in the King Abdullah Park in Buraidah and the conduct of maintenance


4. Client: Abdullah Al-Othiam Company: Implementation of main irrigation water line at the farm of Abdullah Al-Othiam Company in Buriadah

5. Client: Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities: Irrigation Network

6. Client : King Abdullah Road (Qassim Govt) : Extension of irrigation network line

on King Abdullah Rd in Buraydah.

7. Client: Prince Nayef Airport Rd (Al Qassim): Extenstion of the main line of the irrigation network on Prince Nayef Airport Rd (Al Qassim) with a length of 10 km and size of 160mm.

8. Client: King Fahed Rd: Extenstion of Main line of the irrigation network in King

  Fahed Rd in Buraidah with a length of 12 km and size of 250 mm.

9. Client: Almarai: Installing irrigation networks inside the farms of Almarai Company

in Hail for multiple trains.

10. Client: Qassim University: Execution of the extension of the irrigation water

network at the College of Sharia, Qassim University, on an area of 500,000 square meters.

11.Client: Ministry of Information (Saudi Arabia): Implementation of the irrigation

network with the Ministry of Information in the Qassim region TV Building.

fringilla leo.

12. Client: King Abdullah City for Science and Technology: Implementation of irrigation network

13. Client: Ministry of Agriculture for farmers; extension of sub connections of the sewage treatment pipelines.

14. Client: Qassim Cities: Extension of the drinking water transmission lines.

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Our Future Projects in Saudi Arabia (Saudi 2030 vision) - Initiatives

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